Eve-Marie Elkin, LCAT, LMSW

Family/Systemic Constellation Work
-tomorrow is the future only if not a repetition of the past-

A Constellation is a powerful process that enables individuals to overcome patterns of behavior that have been repeated in families or in cultures for generations.

Behavior patterns are transmitted unconsiously from generation to generation as well as within a group/society/culture. They are transmitted out of loyalty and love and a need to belong to the family/system. These patterns inhibit our creativity and natural movement and they can include such things as alcoholism, suicide, illness and perpertrator/victim dynamics.

A constellation seeks to reveal to whom the loyalty and love belongs and who was excluded from the system. In the case of a family the disruption in the  system can span several generations, as the patterns of the past repeat themselves.

The work of a constellation is to bring these patterns to light to initiate a process towards transformation.


What you may see and feel at a Family Constellation Workshop

  • A group of participants is assembled - usually at least ten are required.
  • The facilitator asks one participant to present an issue or challenge that they are facing in their current life.
  • The participant then chooses representatives for various family members sets them up in spatial relationship to each other according to his/her own feeling sense—a process I call “from the inside out”.
  • As these representatives inhabit the space in which they have been placed, they begin to feel, sense and often manifest certain behaviors that correspond to the lives and traumas of the original family members – even though they have little or no information about them.
  • This is possible because the energy of our ancestors lives on, even after death, creating a field that can be experienced within the constellation.

The facilitator suggests subtle shifts in movement and words to support the healing process.

Individual Constellation Work

Family constellations can also be experienced in an individual session. The process remains the same – however the tools vary.

Combine constellation work with greater societal and collective issues


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