Individual Counseling & Support
Exploration within a relationship of
mutual respect and resonance

We have an innate capacity for healing and fulfilling our purpose in this world.

To assist you on your journey, a safe space is created where you can connect to yourself; where you learn to trust your intuition and come to an inner alignment with your true nature.

My work is informed by my classical training, the creative arts, imagery and family constellation work, as well as the mystical teachings of Thomas Hübl's Academy of Inner Science.

I'm also trained in the art of Somatic Experiencing®. Somatic Experiencing (aka SE), is based on the work of Peter Levine. In SE we explore the ways and places where trauma (whether triggered by a real life event or accumulative due to life stressors), resides in the nervous system and emerges as strong emotions and physical symptoms. By giving attention to the natural healing powers that reside within us, SE can help transform these wounds into one's innate vitality and true potential.

Please call Eve-Marie at 914-844-6213 to schedule an appointment.

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